Google Services

Googles suspensions and duplicate status have become rampant with listings online.

How Do I Fix My Google Listing?

A suspended Google My Business page is a serious setback for all businesses seeking to improve its local traffic online. Business owners can find themselves lost if their GMB accounts provide incorrect or inconsistent information about a business’s service area or address, service or product offerings, operating hours, and so on.

Don't Panic

A lot of the times when business owners see a suspended listing they panic and start making more changes to the account to see if they can override the status. Leave the account as it is and contact a professional. 


Try to remember anything you can on what you were doing that caused the suspension. When did it happen, did you make an edit, did you receive a notification.

We Have A 98% Success Rate

Locksmiths, tow truck companies, cleaning services, and a couple of high risk verticals can provide a challenge but it’s nothing we haven’t done before. if you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are within the guidelines then we can take you on as a client


Postcard Verification

5-7 Business Days

Manual Verifcation

Up To 3 Weeks


24/48 Hours

Pending Review Status

24/48 Hours

Transfer Of Ownership

24/48 Hours or 5-7 Business Days

Merge Listings

72 Hours - Up to 3 Weeks For Reviews To Come Back

Tech Problem

Depends On Technical Issue